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Jim McMahon

football-teamJim McMahon ex-Chicago Bear Great with 2 Super Bowl rings owes his health if not his life to Chiropractic. Following football McMahon’s health had deteriorated to the point where he was “living like a vegetable” or “I felt lost” according to McMahon. He was once a strong brash professional athlete. Watching him play in the late 80s he seemed indestructible.

Fifteen season in the NFL, numerous concussions, a broken neck, and a lacerated kidney to name but a few of his playing injuries. Until recently, you never heard of the dark side of athletes once they retire. More descriptive statements included, “my head hurt so bad I would stay in my room for months at a time”, “If I’d owned a gun, I’d probably committed suicide. I just wanted to end the pain”. His struggles were publicized in 2012 Sports Illustrated article. That article lead to a call from a Chiropractor.

He was diagnosed with neck misalignments which caused a blockage that trapped fluid on his brain. That was causing headaches, dizziness, depression, and memory problems. He received chiropractic manipulations to his neck that restored motion, function and opened the blockage. He received treatment daily for a week “The first time he did it, my head was so full stuff it literally felt like flushing the toilet,” he said. “I could actually feel the stuff draining out of my head”. McMahon now 57 goes back every few months for more manipulations.

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