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About Hundley Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

Hundley Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is ideally situated in Christiansburg, VA and ready to help you relieve your pain so you can achieve true wellness.

“I feel like I’ve succeeded when you succeed. I’m here to help you accomplish your best health and surpass your goals,” says Dr. Mark Hundley. “I love being able to help you be proactive with your health.”

“Our recently remodeled office exhibits a warm and inviting atmosphere. Regardless of how often you visit us, you’re always welcome and we’ll give you the best care possible.”

Offering Chiropractic Care to all types of patients.

Offering Chiropractic Care to all types of patients.

A Family & Sports Chiropractic Care Practice

We provide holistic and family chiropractic care to all types of patients:

  • Young children
  • Medicare patients
  • Athletes

Bring your family for a chiropractic adjustment and make wellness a family affair!

Our Mission and Philosophy | Focused on Your Needs

“We’re committed to help you achieve your full health potential. We believe that to have a healthy life, you have to maintain your wellbeing with continuous chiropractic care and healthy eating!”

“When you’re here, I’m focused on you, your needs and your care. We make sure to create a care plan based on your needs, not just a cookie cutter plan.”

Your Health Goals Are Our Health Goals!

Dr. Hundley has been an expert in chiropractic care since 1998 and wants to help you achieve your goals so you can live your best life.

“I’ll always ask you about your goals, expectations and health mission. I believe it’s all about you.”

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we can naturally relieve your pain.